Glow Cushions


M&Otto’s luxurious hand felted felt pillows bring you traditional craftsmanship suited to today’s tastes. Nepal has a proud history of original art and craft, including felt making. Originally intended for heavy winter coats, hats and rugs, felted sheep’s wool is now also used for decoration. Each unique piece in M&Otto’s fair trade Nepal collection is the ultimate in luxury, designed to spruce up your home with chic, yet artisanal charm. Designed in the Netherlands and hand felted in Kathmandu, M&Otto Design provides sustainable work for women in rural areas, ensuring their access to independent income.

• the cushion fronts come from Nepal Kathmandu. Nepal has a long and proud history of arts & crafts, including felting.

• the felt sheets for the cushions are hand felted from 100% sheep wool. The wool comes from New Zealand. This wool is best suited for hand felting. The wool of the sheep in Nepal has a different structure due to the thin air and cold, which gives poorer results.

By picking loose wool fibers wet with a mixture of water and natural soap and then making a rubbing and rolling movement with the hands. The scales of the wool fiber open up through soap and water and through the rubbing and rolling movement these fibers join together to form felts.

• The figures in the cushions are felted, not printed which displays what incredible artists the ladies who make these really are. These women also get their own income and independence through felting.

• Originally felted in Nepal to make jackets, hats and rugs to withstand the harsh winters. People have started to use this for decoration.

Mariëlle Brinkmann

Dutch designerMariëlle Brinkmann(1970), lover of life and all things beautiful, is inspired in her textile designs by the traditional techniques and history of various forms of craftsmanship around the world. Especially the craftsmanship of creating textiles in a traditional way. In herdesigns she is also strongly influenced by modern art and architecture. She translates these sources of inspiration and ancient old techniques in designs of today with a luxury twist. Combining strong graphical patterns with a high level of softness and tactility in the materials used. It is her believe that surrounding yourself with things of beauty, crafted with intent and heart, will nourish the senses and replenish the soul. Mariëlle nurtured her curiosity and fascination with the crafts already froman early age by exploring various techniques such as painting, sculpting, weaving and studied goldsmithing at the Vakschool Edelsmeden in Amsterdam together with Business Economics at the Hoge School in Utrecht.Mariëlle Brinkmann founded her own brand, M&Otto Design, in 2016 developing her own collection and now proudly collaborates with Linteloo.