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The LINTELOO collection has plenty of room for your own input. Because we, at LINTELOO, believe in your freedom to lead your life the way you see fit. The freedom to make aesthetic choices that complement who you are. Because of this wide range of options, we need you to provide us with some information in order to give you a price indication. Please fill out the blank field in this form, using the available product information, and be as specific as you can. For instance:

  • the name of the piece of furniture (for instance ‘George’ or ‘Sicilian’)
  • the preferred size (for instance, ‘3-seater, arm left’ or ‘dining table 280x100’)
  • your preferred upholstery (see the names/numbers of fabrics and leathers)
  • colours/finishes (legs, tabletops, et cetera)

We will then contact you with a price indication, based on your preferences.