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‘I wanted to create a brand that radiates ‘enjoying the good life’ in every possible way.’

Jan te Lintelo

In 1994, Jan te Lintelo, later joined by his life partner Lars Nikolajsen, out of his passion for design and furniture began creating the LINTELOO collection, in which, right from the start comfort and luxury living were key. They let nothing stand in their way of building a collection, which expressed their way of living: no restrictions, but rather free and generous.

They wanted to give their customers the ultimate luxury life experience, by working with national and international top designers and the best manufacturers in the world, to create designs that stand the test of time and exemplify easy-going comfort.

Today, 30 exciting years later, we at LINTELOO still work on expanding our brand and collection with love and joy, committed to put our passion for life at its heart.

With Jan handing over of the helm of the day-to-day operations at LINTELOO to Niels Roks, we have added a new chapter to our company. Jan is now completely focussed on product development as well as, of course, being the most important ambassador for the brand.

Niels has a solid background and a history of success in the world of furniture and interior and product design. Combined with a natural curiosity about the way people live, his zest for life and enjoyment of life’s pleasures, this made Niels the perfect choice for Jan and Lars to follow in their footsteps.

Niels is passionate about the quality and heritage of the brand and is building on its strong tradition, expanding the LINTELOO collection with designs by both new and longstanding designers and taking the company to the next level. So, you can rest assured that we at LINTELOO will continue letting our customers enjoy the good life, for many years to come.


We want to let people experience our passion for the ultimate luxury life.


Together with a unique mix of top designers and the best manufactures, we develop designs that will stand the test of time and epitomize easy-going comfort.


An interior design collection that is both stylish and comfortable, with iconic evergreens as well as daring innovations.

Our Brand Values

We are an

We understand the art of the perfect imperfection, both in our collection and in the way we work. We highly value attention to detail and we focus on timeless pieces, rather than fleeting trends.

We are a

We cherish our freedom as unique individuals. We strive for shared happiness in all that we do. Comfort and the joy of life are key to achieving that goal.

We are a

With guts and creativity, we bring new energy into people’s homes. We are broadminded and unconventional, in a relevant and inspiring way. We dare to be innovative, but not for the sole purpose of setting trends.

Our Value proposition

LINTELOO designs stand the test of time, through quality and longevity. They represent easy-going comfort in terms of form, function, and experience.
  • For over 25 years we have been offering our clients distinctive designs by international top designers.
  • All our designs can be tailored to our clients’ personal taste and requirements.
  • Each tailor-made item is made by hand in The Netherlands or Italy, by manufacturers with a longstanding tradition and a wealth of experience.
  • Only the highest quality materials are used in the manufacture of each item.

Better together

Jan’s personal motto 'Ik is niets, wij zijn alles' ('I am nothing, we are everything') is integral to our company’s DNA. In a climate of openness, positivity, and collective responsibility, we strive to be a focused, trustworthy and professional partner for our end customers, our dealers and other business relations. With our boundless enthusiasm, energy, and ambition, all of us want to give you the best LINTELOO has to offer.

Interested to work at LINTELOO? See our vacancies.

Ronald van Opstal
Account manager NL
Aby Scheltens
Experience center representative
Monique Jorritsma
Diego Weldink
Jordy Weldink
Finance & logistics
Delilah Weldink
Customer service
Karlijn Hofman
Customer service
Frances van der Dussen
Communication manager
Tjeu Marijnissen
Product manager
Niels Roks
Managing Director
Bas Muilenburg
Experience center representative

Experience Linteloo

The best way to find out what LINTELOO is all about, is to go and experience it for yourself. So please, check out our collection, visit our digital experience center or come and meet us in person in our Experience Center in Zeist, the Netherlands.