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by Bart Vos

Architect Raymond Mathewson Hood (1881-1934) was famed for his Art Deco-style buildings, most notably the Tribune Tower in Chicago and several of Manhattan’s most beautiful high-rises, such as the American Radiator Building. The ‘Hood’ cabinet by Dutch designer Bart Vos pays tribute to the man and his vision, with the strong, clean lines that epitomise both Hood’s and the Bauhaus design theory, which values utility as beauty. With its simple system of assembly, configuration and extension—both in height and width—, ‘Hood’ is extremely flexible and versatile, allowing you to be the architect of your own life.

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Shelves and uprights
Brushed oak-veneered MDF with a matt varnish.
Shelf dividers and end pieces
Brushed oak-veneered MDF with a matt varnish.
Bolts & adjustable feet
Aged brass.
When destined for stand-alone use—for instance, as a room divider—, certain L, U or Z configurations can be selfsupporting. All other configurations must be secured to the wall.
Hand made in The Netherlands


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Shelf dividers
Vertical wooden dividers (screwed into place).
End pieces
Wooden end pieces can be placed at either end of a shelf, with room behind—between end piece and cabinet sides—for wiring et cetera.
Height uprights
77 cm, 110 cm or 197 cm. With a connector, uprights can be couples vertically.
Overall width 1 element
176 cm. Please note: when extending the cabinet with extra elements, an upright will serve shelves to its left and right. This means that a cabinet of, for instance, 2 elements does not measure 2 x 176 = 352 cm, but 326 cm.
Corner shelves
Right-angle or rounded.

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Bart Vos

Talk about design being part of your genetic makeup: his father was renowned designer Henk Vos, one of his brothers is equally renowned designer Roderick Vos. As a matter of fact, Bart Vos is preceded by no less than three generations of furniture makers.

It was only a couple of years since Bart graduated from the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, when his father asked him—aged just 24 at the time—to design the ground-breaking Maupertuus building for the Vos emporium in Groningen.

Today, Bart is Vos Interieur’s creative director, responsible for interior design projects in the Netherlands and abroad. And he regularly turns his hand to furniture, for various international brands, including Linteloo. His awareness of and interest in ‘the real world’, outside the confines of a showroom or studio, shine through in his designs: extremely beautiful yet utterly useable.

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