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Anders Nørgaard

Anders Nørgaard literally learned at the feet of the masters. Growing up in Aarhus, Denmark, he was surrounded by the Danish architects and designers of the 50s and 60s, who were part of his parents’ circle of friends. As a young boy, he would spend his holidays at their workshops, absorbing knowledge and skills. This helped him in later life, as a designer, to resolve the tension between theoretical design ideas and the practicalities and limitations of manufacturing.

A graduate from the Danish Royal Academy of Fine Arts in 1989, Nørgaard launched his own studio in 1994. From his offices in the harbour district of Aarhus, he has created award-winning chairs and sofa designs for internationally renowned brands.

Nørgaard’s approach focuses on both function and form, achieving a clean, perfectly proportioned aesthetic that is rooted in Scandinavian design traditions and Danish Modernism.

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