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The Weekend Collection

by Valerie van der Werff

Design meets tradition. With her stylistic eye, Valerie van der Werff tells rich, sensuous stories. THE WEEKEND COLLECTION – a series of stylish throw blankets, produced in Italy by the iconic, Dutch brand AaBe – Valerie designed especially for LINTELOO.

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130 x 240 cm
25% wool / 25% polyester / 50% acrylic
Washing instructions
Dry cleaning or washable at 30 degrees. Do not tumble dry, bleach or iron.


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Fresh, sparkling and a little bit bold - your champagne is always a brut. This is how you live your life. To the fullest. For you, even a weekday is a good time for a bubbly drink. With friends. Or just by yourself, on the couch with a blanket over your knees. Why not? The Brut blanket has a cream and pale yellow base with two grey stripes.
Your day begins. The sky is still pink, the grass wet with dew. You love drinking your first caffè americano outside. With your feet on the edge of the balcony, you see the world waking up. You cuddle up in your blanket. This is your moment. The Americano blanket is a combination of grey, brown and white stripes.
Terroir - tasting, smelling, experiencing the origins of the grapes in a glass of wine. What is your terroir? The city, the green meadows, the forest? Or, like the Picpoul grape variety, do you feel at home on the coast? Your toes in the sand, the soothing waves, a book. And a lovely warm blanket. The Picpoul blanket has a cream-coloured base with a single grey stripe.

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Valerie van der Werff

With her eye for creation and concepts, Valerie van der Werff put Vogue Living NL – among others –  recognisably on the map. Creating entire interior and lifestyle stories is an innate talent, for which she finds inspiration in the beauty of everyday life.

She founded VALERIE Creative Agency after her successful time as lifestyle director of Vogue Living NL. In the visual stories for both online and offline campaigns, she strives for a certain natural look: as if you can casually catch a glimpse of someone’s life. She works with the best photographers and videographers on the most beautiful locations – as she did for previous photo shoots with LINTELOO.

The connection with LINTELOO is now strengthened by her designs for ‘The Weekend Collection’. A series of three stylish throw blankets, produced in collaboration with the iconic brand AaBe.