Jan des Bouvrie

Jan des Bouvrie (1942) is often credited with ‘having painted the Netherlands white’. Born into a family of furniture retailers, Jan went to the Rietveld Academy for fine arts & design in Amsterdam and subsequently established a name for himself. When a client ordered one upholstered in white, it was like a light went on in Jan’s mind. He became a strong advocate of white, clean lines and open spaces, at a time when the average Dutch interior was rather stuffy and traditional. Jan des Bouvrie quickly became a household name, because he turns his hand to everything, from furniture to industrial design, from household objects to large-scale architectural projects. Many of his designs—and Jan himself—won numerous prestigious awards, and rightfully so. In 1993, he and his wife, Monique, set up ‘Het Arsenaal’, a leading interior and lifestyle store, which also houses Jan’s studio. The two Jans—Te Lintelo and Des Bouvries—go back longer than they care to remember and have collaborated ever since the inception of LINTELOO.

Designed by Jan des Bouvrie