Thanks to the surprising asymmetry and perfect proportions the table is a real piece of art. Its variety of visual directions enables the functional to design to fit almost any room. The beauty of the table is emphasized by the use smoked oak.

Faas van Dijk

As a child Faas van Dijk (1958-2012) unconsciously embellished the space around him. This second nature (he is an autodidact) resulted in a fascination for furniture and interior design, quickly followed by starting his own business. In 1986 he established the former agency Food for Buildings and a few years later he took over the renowned interior studio Het Binnenhuis in Amsterdam. “As a designer I felt honoured with the invitation of Linteloo (Back then Verden), especially because the assignment was to develop an overall picture. This is quite unique and also perfectly matches my way of working. I prefer to design furniture in a mutual connection and always look for a tension between unity and diversity in the use of shapes and materials. That’s a lovely struggle. The final result has to be obvious and timeless.”