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THE WEEKEND COLLECTION – design by Valerie van der Werff

The leaves are falling, the temperature outside is dropping - time to get comfortable on your LINTELOO sofa, under a lovely, luxurious throw blanket. Valerie van der Werff united two iconic Dutch brands - LINTELOO and AaBe - with her designs for 'The Weekend Collection'.


With her eye for creation and concepts, Valerie put Vogue Living NL - among others - recognisably on the map. Creating entire interior and lifestyle stories is clearly an innate talent. Her vision? 'Less is more, as far as I'm concerned. It doesn’t have to be flashy. That something is "real" is the most important thing. You don’t have to hide things - daily life is beautiful the way it is. At least, when you buy products that deserve to be seen, that are worth investing in and that last a long time. Whether it's a coffee maker, a pair of socks or a set of beautiful antique French wine glasses. This is also reflected in the visual stories I create with VALERIE Creative Agency. I strive for a certain natural look: as if you were casually catching a glimpse of someone's life for just a moment. A few minutes before the photo was taken, someone might have been drinking a cup of coffee or dancing through the living room. That is why I also like to work with photographers and videographers who use natural light. Yes, if possible, preferably outdoors.

You often see blankets recurring in my work. They are multifunctional and I love having them around. That winter feeling, with a blanket on the couch. Or in spring, a blanket in the car or camper van for a spontaneous picnic. Going away for the weekend with your loved one? Take a blanket to cuddle under together. I wanted to translate that feeling into my own designs. This resulted in The Weekend Collection for LINTELOO, produced by AaBe: three blankets - Americano, Brut and Picpoul. The names? For me, they are symbolic for the feeling everyone has with a blanket. Early in the crisp morning air, with a blanket around your shoulders, enjoying your first espresso on the balcony. A spontaneous picnic, with simple sandwiches but a glass of bubbly to go with it. Or on the beach, your toes in the sand, on the blanket enjoying a good book and a glass of white wine. All three blankets have a stripe pattern. Stripes are timeless and fit into any interior. If you like things neat, fold it up and drape the it over the armrest of your sofa. Or just throw it down casually. Your blanket, your style, your moment.’


Valerie van der Werff

With her eye for creation and concepts, Valerie van der Werff put Vogue Living NL – among others –  recognisably on the map. Creating entire interior and lifestyle stories is an innate talent, for which she finds inspiration in the beauty of everyday life.

She founded VALERIE Creative Agency after her successful time as lifestyle director of Vogue Living NL. In the visual stories for both online and offline campaigns, she strives for a certain natural look: as if you can casually catch a glimpse of someone’s life. She works with the best photographers and videographers on the most beautiful locations – as she did for previous photo shoots with LINTELOO.

The connection with LINTELOO is now strengthened by her designs for ‘The Weekend Collection’. A series of three stylish throw blankets, produced in collaboration with the iconic brand AaBe.