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Pieter Laureys about flexibility, ' Bold' & Linteloo

Flexibility – it is key for Pieter Laureys, creative mind and founder of TKI and a renowned architect/interior designer at the high end of the market. Listening, contributing, translating ideas. Always different, always custom. This flexibility is precisely what Paola Navone’s ‘Bold’ series can offer.

“The time has passed when people walked in, put a blank check on the table, and said ‘do what you like, I’ll see it when it’s finished’. Today’s client is better informed, knows what he wants, and often comes up with his own suggestions. I see this as a positive development, because isn’t the whole idea that the client feels at home in an interior we designed? No, I don’t particularly want to have a recognizable signature—where people step inside and immediately say ‘ah, Pieter Laureys, right?’ I do not want to be labelled. We do some sixty projects a year, around thirty percent of which are abroad, and they are all different. Of course, time plays its part. Because, like in fashion, there are trends in interior design. But I would never opt for an ice blue sofa, just because ice blue is on trend at that point.

Yes, obviously we keep an eye on developments, especially when it comes to new technologies in kitchens and bathrooms. At the high end of the market, the technical side of a build is increasingly difficult, so you must stay up to speed. But when it comes to interior design, a certain timelessness is what appeals to me, despite the fact that, nowadays, hardly anyone buys a sofa for the next twenty years. You could, though, with Paola Navone’s ‘Bold’. Beautiful, considered design in combination with simply sitting comfortably. I like to use it as a generous, comfortable corner sofa. The corner element, with its rounded front, is such a great find. Generally, my clients want a sofa with space for two or three people to stretch out. The end piece, with a sort of ‘island’, makes the ‘Bold’ perfectly suited. And this is a sofa which looks good from all sides, including the back. This means you can successfully use this series free-standing. Flexibility, indeed.

That is also what I like about working with LINTELOO. Not just the flexibility of their furniture, such as the ‘Bold’, but also, for instance, that it is never a problem to send in your own fabric for a client. This means you will always get custom design, with an excellent quality/price ratio.”

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