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Jan’s new sofa

by Paola Navone

Well, isn’t that humbling—when one of the world’s best designers, Paola Navone, designs a sofa, especially for you? Jan te Lintelo and Paola Navone have been friends, ever since they first met. And when Paola designed ‘Jan’s New Sofa’, she had their joint love for all the good things in life in mind. The result is an inviting, comfortable and flexible series of elements, in an almost infinite number of configurations. Its loose covers in soft, luxurious linen are removable: change their colour to match the season or your mood. 

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Webbed, wooden frame with polyurethane foam, wrapped in hypoallergenic polyester fibre, 100% cotton inner cover
Coupling system
The elements in any configuration are joined together by a steel coupling system.
Black polyurethane (not visible).
Seat cushions
Polyurethane foam core, wrapped in a 100% cotton duvet filled with hypoallergenic polyester fibre.
Back cushions
Goose down and feathers with polyester fibre, or hypoallergenic polyester fibre only, 100% cotton inner cover.
Composition depends on the customer’s choice of upholstery.
Hand made in Italy


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Removable cushion covers, removable body cover, available in all fabrics from the LINTELOO collection. Not available in leather. Customers can opt to supply their own choice of upholstery fabric.
Special features
Each element comes with a set of different-sized scatter cushions. Extra cushions available on request (please do not forget to specify size). Full set of fabric replacement covers available at 50% of the current purchase price. For optimum versatility, the longchair can also be ordered as a ‘stand-alone’ piece.

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Paola Navone

The best business relationships are built on a personal connection. This is no different in the world of design. And a chance meeting between renowned designer Paola Navone and Jan Lintelo led to a friendship based on the love of food, cooking and travelling. ‘This is the way I always work: I get inspiration and ideas from knowing and befriending people. I have a special connection with Linteloo, a personal click with both Jan and his partner Lars. You could almost call it a love affair. All the furniture I make with LINTELOO starts with meetings with Jan and Lars.’

Graduated from Turin Polytechnic in 1973, Paola has always had a disregard for convention, which she developed during her time with the ‘antidesign’ rebels led by Mendini and Sottsass. ‘It was crazy, what we did. Working like mad to produce the utterly useless,’ she says.

About the ‘useless’, we are not so sure. Nothing Paola designs could every be labelled ‘useless’, as far as Linteloo is concerned.

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