Human ingenuity seems endless. When faced with a hillside, farmers around
the world will start terracing the landscape. The result is always breath-taking,
whether it is the rice sawas of Bali or the maize plantations of the Incas.
When the sun hits these terraces, the play of light and colour is everchanging.
This phenomenon inspired Sebastian Herkner to use both flat and undulating
glazed ceramic panels for his series of ‘Terrace’ tables: each size comes with
its own distinct ‘landscape’.

Sebastian Herkner

‘There is a sensitivity and identity to my work that emphasizes the function, the material and the detail.’ Sebastian Herkner (1981) studied Product Design at Offenbach Design Academy. He interned at Stella McCartney in London where he developed a liking and true flair for colour, material and their connection—a characteristic that has never left him. As early as 2006 Sebastian established his own studio and has since been involved in projects for a wide range of companies and institutes, increasingly gaining international acclaim. By now, his trophy cabinet must be bursting at the seams and Maison&Objet even elected him “2019 - Designer of the Year”. Sebastian pairs an unconditional love for traditional craftsmanship with a feel for new technologies, a combination resulting in refined shapes and tactile surfaces—the perfect match with Linteloo.