Jan’s New Sofa


Jan’s New Sofa is based on elements that can be combined in many configurations. Designer Paola Navone created a comfortable sofa that easily changes the way it looks, by just changing the beautifully made soft linen removable covers. This sofa is a clear invitation to enjoy life: sitting, sleeping, talking, relaxing.

Paola Navone

Graduated from Turin Polytechnic in 1973, Paola Navone has become well known for her designs for important international brands. She is also successful as an art director, interior decorator, industrial planner and creator of events. “This is the way I always work: I get inspiration and ideas from knowing and befriending people. I have a special connection with LINTELOO, a personal click with both Jan and Lars. You could almost call it a love affair. The love for food and cooking, along with travelling to other countries, turned out to be just some of the things we share.”