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Staying, living, and revelling in Zeeland

Founder and name giver of our beautiful interior brand, Jan te Lintelo, and his partner Lars Nikolajsen divide their time between Cape Town, Lugano and Kamperland, where they alternatingly live and work. True cosmopolitans indeed. But the house in Kamperland, Zeeland, always feels like coming home. Jan tells you why.

‘If I stay in one place for too long, I get restless. We follow the sun and the long summer months are spent in our house in Kamperland. Our house in Zeeland was designed by Bart Vos. Contemporary, with lots of glass, because we have the best view ever: we look out over the Veerse Meer, towards the town of Veere. When I look outside, across the water, I can see the tower of Veere and the entrance to the harbour. This makes me happy, every single time.

I have been coming to Kamperland for thirty years now. First with my neighbours when I was still living in Leusden. Later on, Lars and I bought our own little house here. That was further away from the water. When we had the chance to buy an old holiday home right by the water’s edge, we jumped at it. We tore it down and built this house in its place.

We wanted a somewhat exciting house, a house that is enveloped by nature. Bart really listened and came up with a beautiful design, which perfectly meets our requirements. The living area with the kitchen and lounge, is on the first floor, because that is where you have the best view over the water. Downstairs are the bedrooms and bathroom. These also have lots of glass, allowing you to look out over the water across the garden, which we planted up with loads of grasses. It creates a feeling of being in the sand dunes.

The open-plan kitchen is the heart of our home. This is where we spend most of our time. Food is so important. It brings people together and creates conviviality. We often entertain, with guests staying for a meal. I love cooking. Usually, we serve them fish. There is a fantastic fishmonger in Colijnsplaat, who has the most amazing fresh fish. I have been shopping there for thirty years.

The interior of this house is constantly changing, because Linteloo prototypes invariably end up here. Preferably, I put a new model in my own home for 6 months, before sending it to the shops. Sit on it, live with it—that is the best test. And we often add something brought home from our travels. And both of us love art, so there is a lot of it here. I love the combination of old and new things—this breathes life into a house, a story.

Lars and I travel a lot for work. This is where we genuinely enjoy the peace and quiet and find time for our social life. And there is room to reflect. Being here in Zeeland really allows me to do that. Things will naturally come up, when I sit there, contemplating, with that glorious view across the water. That is wonderful, that is my true wealth.’

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Jan te Lintelo

Jan te Lintelo was born on January 6th 1954 into a family of furniture retailers in Haaksbergen in the eastern part of The Netherlands. Growing up Jan was surrounded by the beautiful furniture from his parents shop, this meant he gained an understanding on the skills and great craftsmanship ofartisans and architects from an early age.

Jan studied furniture manufacturing at the HMC in Rotterdam specialising in craftsmanship and creativity but also the entrepreneurship of the trade and worked in sales for Dutch cabinetmaker Pastoe and the famous upholstery factory Gelderland.

In 1994 he decided to start his own company and create his own collection of furniture. Using his experience in manufacturing combined with the feedback and wishes from his clients he designed the first collection himself, fast becoming one of the most successful modern furniture collections.

His modern designs are characterized by great craftsmanship with generous proportions with comfort and style as essential qualities.

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