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Designer Marcel Wolterinck shares his vision on styling your interior with flowers and plants

‘To me, an interior is like a large painting—a palette of colours, textures, shapes and materials. Flowers and plants are an essential part of this. Within that palette, I make sure there are exciting contrasts. By not going for intricate combinations, as you would see in a typical mixed bouquet, you maintain a sense of serenity. This is an important starting point for all our designs. Using just one variety of flowers, in abundance—a hundred tulips, for instance—, you are making a statement. And preferably with their own leaves only, so without any additions.

Flowers and plants add a personal touch to your interior. Choose a variety that enhances the mood. In a holiday cottage, cornflowers—handpicked of course, if possible—will be more appropriate than orchids. The striking colours of a piece of art may also influence your selection. Go for one of the colours in the artwork, and you will enhance it.


As to plants, I suggest opting for just one or two species, instead of a mix of lots of different ones. And go for contrasts that enhance each other, in colour and texture. Use large-leafed plants combined with small-leafed varieties with a different shape. Again: put lots of plants of the same species together in a large pot. Do not be afraid of going big. You are in much more danger of going too small.

Add a natural addition to your interior by creating a clear link with your terrace and garden, a recurring element in all of our designs. Pots and plants on your terrace connect the indoors with the outdoors. Hard and living materials ensure a warm, pleasant environment. In the garden too, I prefer repeating large groupings, to create calmness and to allow the architecture to shine. Closest to the house, our garden designs always relate to its architecture and further down the garden the natural environment is our guide.’

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Marcel Wolterinck

When Marcel Wolterinck opened his flower shop in Laren, the Netherlands, in 1986, little did he know he would soon be one of the prominent representatives of modern Dutch design. His floral creations with their immediately recognizable ‘Wolterinck signature’, evolved into interior design projects around the world.

It will come as no surprise that Marcel loves using wood and other natural materials, celebrating their unique variations in texture and colour. His designs are sophisticated yet utterly liveable, with a strong emphasis on a sense of warmth and comfort.

Marcel loves the interplay between indoor and outdoor spaces: ‘I enjoy design in which the outside and inside grow together and towards each other, overlapping and connecting.’

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