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by Sjoerd Vroonland

Pendant ‘Bricks’ is Sjoerd Vroonland’s ode to the archetypal brick. Since time immemorial, worldwide, and in all styles imaginable, we have been using this material to build our future. Baked by the sun or by fire, made of clay, mud or even manure. This time, the ‘bricks’ are glass, which thanks to an LED strip light—mounted in the electrum-coloured metal frame—shows its colour gradient.

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Coloured glass blocks in shades ranging from champagne to 'tabacco'.
Powder coated steel (champagne colour).
Light source
4.8W dimmable LED, 230V EU/UK.
Light colour
LED dimmer (not included).
Please note: 23 kg.

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Sjoerd Vroonland

Sjoerd Vroonland (1985) studied at the Wood and Furniture College in Rotterdam and also graduated from ArtEZ Academy, specializing in product design. Today, Vroonland runs his own label from his atelier in Amsterdam.

His innovative products are inspired by classic designs and are created using materials, techniques and shapes that we are all familiar with. From the archetypal saddle to the antique clothespin, Vroonland uses the best features of timehonoured design and finds new ways to apply them, combining contrasting materials.

Instead of hiding all the ‘technical’ details, the designer focuses on the beauty of structure and construction: the materials are uncompromised and the line of work can be clearly seen. The result is a pure and poetic dialogue between craft, innovation and modern-day living.

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