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Within LINTELOO, “connection” is a core value: bringing people together in an environment where they will feel comfortable and safe. The designers who started creating for LINTELOO with this theme in mind are Anthony Guerrée, Sebastian Herkner, Roderick Vos, Sjoerd Vroonland and Jan te Lintelo.

BROADWAY - by Roderick Vos

Simple is quite often brilliant. And sometimes you see something so simple—and so brilliant—that you wonder ‘why did nobody else think of this?’ A striking example is Roderick Vos’s new ‘Broadway’ sofa, where the connection between the front and the side and between the side and the back is not square or rounded, but at a 45 degree angle. ‘The entire silhouette of the sofa is outlined by a thick cord, which really makes those chamfered edges stand out. It is a ‘plump’ sofa, with hidden feet, so from a distance this design reminds me of an organic cube. That may sound contradictory, but it is, I think, a good description. It is a modular sofa, so I embraced that whole idea of ‘be your own designer’. And it is really comfortable! I mean, let’s be honest, what is the use of a beautiful sofa you can’t sit on?’

More about BROADWAY

OFFSET - by Anthony Guerrée

In his designs, Anthony Guerrée often throws the viewer off-guard. These are designs with a sense of humour. He has given the iconic Parisian bistro chair a new silhouette, a rocking chair gets a backrest shaped like a painter’s easel, a bench immediately reminds you of a piano. ‘I became a furniture designer because I love the idea that, through design, you can influence people’s day-to-day interactions.’ His designs are often sculptural, as we can see in the ‘Offset’ tables—‘puzzle pieces’ which appear to be carefully fretsawn, to then slot seamlessly into one another, using the simplest connection of all: a slit in one piece, a slit in the other, and hey presto, slide them in at a 90 degree angle. The end result, again, throws the viewer off-guard because, to a degree, the contrast in character of the materials—marble and wood—disappears.

More about OFFSET

MALIBU - by Jan te Lintelo

A connection between past and present—and, for that matter, between the American West Coast and East Coast—can be seen in Jan te Lintelo’s latest design, the ‘Malibu’ sofa. ‘I have always been very happy with the ‘Hamptons’: sleek yet relaxed and incredibly comfortable. We wanted to keep those qualities and connect them to a slightly more luxurious outlook. Adding an elegant frame with feet that are so slender that the sofa appears to float, creates just the right difference. And the names reflect that as well: the vibe in the Hamptons is a bit more rugged, more earthy than in Malibu, California. But both are on the coast, so that feeling of space and freedom you always have when you are near the ocean, is definitely also there in the ‘Malibu’.’

More about MALIBU

CLAMP - bij Sjoerd Vroonland

Nowhere is the connection more visible than in the Sjoerd Vroonland’s ‘Clamp’ series. ‘Of course, I am, originally, a wooden furniture guy. And that is where the construction, the way in which various parts connect, is truly at the heart of your design. This time, I did not opt for wood but for a metal frame, containing a table top made out of two parts, each a different material. It was exciting to me to see and to show how one material grabs hold of the other. Therefore, in that metal embrace, the clamp is left in plain sight. The table tops are made using off-cuts, whenever possible, for optimum use of the natural materials. Customers can select the combination—there are three types of marble and two types of wood—, giving them an active influence over their own interiors. This fits well within the current philosophy of individuality and flexibility.’

More about CLAMP

GILBERT - by Sebastian Herkner

After his voluptuous ‘Arp’ sofa and armchair and ingenious ‘Terrace’ coffee and side tables, Sebastian’s latest design for LINTELOO - the 'Gilbert' sofa -  has a geometric, even cubist feel. ‘The Gilbert sofa is reminiscent of the Tetris computer game,’ says Sebastian. ‘Building blocks, with simple shapes, that allow you to create different scenarios.’ Interestingly, where the average modular sofa strives towards ultimately achieving a ‘one-piece’ look, in the case of ‘Gilbert’, the visible separation of the various ‘blocks’ has become a strong design feature. ‘This way, the back rest, for instance, becomes a decorative element in itself, not simply a vertical extension of the seat.’ Invisible legs, which makes ‘Gilbert’ appear to float, add to the airiness achieved by the varied gaps between the various backrests. Seen from the back, the effect is equally striking. ‘I wanted to design a sofa that would allow you to place it anywhere in a space. And this design, thanks to its beautiful backside, works extremely well as a freestanding sofa.

More about GILBERT

Design Post X ORGATEC

Hundreds of brands can’t wait to showcase their latest and greatest products from their best designers at Design Post X ORGATEC 2022 (25-29 October, Köln). World-renowned Dutch furniture brand LINTELOO will be there too, naturally. The company is proud of its compelling series of new products by seven highly skilled designers: three Dutch, two Canadian, one French and one German. Each one of the eleven items are consonant with LINTELOO, which is known for its innovative and durable quality without ever losing sight of comfort, aesthetics and durability.

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