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This product has been made with love and care, especially for you. In order to make sure that you enjoy it for a very long time, we would like to share our
knowledge about the maintenance of our products with you.


Maintenance for cushions with feather filling:

Feathers are a natural product and have a unique comfort.

The seat cushion has a core of polyurethane with a duvet filled with feathers. The back cushion has a
padding of feather and is sometimes mixed with polyester bars for extra volume.

  • Do not press the cushions together, the feathers in the pockets may break because of this;
  • Open the zipper a couple of times a week and fluff the cushions to allow air to come back in;
  • Regularly air the cushions with the zippers open;
  • If possible, turn the cushions occasionally;
  • Switch cushions with the same size;
  • Regularly smooth the cushions by hand.

Onderhoud bij rug- en zitkussens met dacron vulling:

Dacron is een synthetisch product en heeft  een stevige zit. Bij gebruik krijgt dacron een zachter zit comfort en er kan plooivorming ontstaan in de stof of het leer.

  • Indien mogelijk, keer de kussens af en toe om;
  • Verwissel kussens met dezelfde afmeting onderling van plek;
  • Strijk met de hand de stof van de hoes regelmatig glad.

Maintenance for cushions with Dacron filling:

Dacron is a synthetic product with a sturdy seat. Dacron gets a softer sitting comfort during use, pleats can occur in the fabric or leather

  • If possible turn the cushions occasionally;
  • Exchange cushions with the same size;
  • Regularly smooth the cushions by hand.

Maintenance for cushions with a memory foam top layer:
Memory foam is polyurethane foam. The foam consists of hollow cells. These cells are not completely sealed, so that the air in the cells is not compressed when the foam is pressed together. As a result the foam slowly returns to its original state

  • If possible, turn the cushions occasionally;
  • Exchange cushions with the same size;
  • Regularly smooth the cushions by hand.


Almost all upholstered LINTELOO furniture has removable covers that are attached to the bottom of the furniture with Velcro. This allows for easy cleaning or replacement.

  • Fabrics will, after time, always show pleats;
  • All fabrics will fade over time to a greater or lesser extent under the influence of light. This applies especially to fabrics of natural materials, solid and dark colored materials. Try to avoid direct sunlight on your furniture as much as possible. Under the influence of artificial and sunlight fabrics can fade;
  • Every fabric has a stretch-ability. The larger the surface the sooner pleats are visible;
  • Fabrics are sensitive to sharp objects and stiff jeans like fabrics, which can permanently damage the fabric;
  • Dark dyed (jeans) fabrics can leave stains on the furniture;
  • It is important to vacuum the furniture regularly with a soft brush head. Always move carefully, with low suction and fabrics with a pole in the direction of the pole. This way you remove dust particles such as sand, which can cause wear;
  • We recommend cleaning the covers by a professional dry cleaning company and to not wash the covers yourself;
  • In case of a stain take immediate action. Wipe up fluids with an uncolored paper kitchen towel. This is best done by putting the tip of the paper towel in the centre of the stain. Remove solid stains as much as possible with a spoon. For more details please contact us or you can visit the LCK Nederland website for the most important tips. There is a chance that stubborn stains will not completely disappear.


Almost all leather LINTELOO furniture is firmly upholstered. Leather is a natural product that naturally has damages, skin wrinkles and scars. Differences in color and structure cannot be prevented and belong to the character of the leather. An aniline leather is dyed and does not have a protective top layer. It gives a luxurious
feeling. Natural features are more visible. It ages in a natural way. Pigmented leather is dyed and has a coated top. This gives the leather a robust appearance.

  • Leather furniture will always show pleats in use. This is due to the natural stretch in the leather and this is not preventable;
  • We recommend that the leather is treated with a care product at least once a year. For advice for the correct maintenance products please check the website of LCK Nederland;
  • Clean the furniture regularly with a damp clean cloth. Use cooled boiled water or distilled water as tap water can cause circles;
  • All leathers discolor over time to a greater or lesser extent under the influence of light. Try to avoid direct sunlight on your furniture;
  • Good humidity (50-60%) prevents cracks/ fractures due to dehydration of the leather;
  • Do not rub with too much force on a particular spot, the leather may turn glossy or stretch. Carefully pat with a cloth. Carefully clean the stain with a soft cloth that you only use for your leather furniture. Dampen the cloth with cooled boiled water or distilled water. Never use chemicals, house hold cleaners, coloring agents or the like, but a natural detergent;
  • On the website of LCK Nederland ( you will find several tips for removing various types of stains and the exact treatments for leather.



Wood is a natural product with a warm appearance. The natural deviations such as dashes, knots and wood grain give it its characteristic appearance as well as color, structural difference can occur. It makes it a unique product. Under the influence of artificial and sunlight wood can discolor. Make use of felt caps or coats under objects that you place on the wooden furniture. Plastic caps can leave stains on the surface that cannot be removed. The following are the characteristics and
the maintenance advice for the different wood finishes. Contact your dealer or LINTELOO, if you have questions about the wood of your furniture.

Solid wood in general:
Under the influence of changes in temperature and humidity and when the air humidity is too low or too high, wood will work. The wood will shrink or expand.
Working of the wood is kept to a minimum by following the below mentioned measures;

  • Do not put the furniture too close to a heat source, such as a radiator or a fire place;
  • Provide an air humidity ratio between 50 and 60%.

Solid wood treated with oil:

  • The oil used for the furniture gives it a beautiful appearance. It also forms a protective layer for the wood. Because it does not form a dense layer it is more
    vulnerable to stains and moisture. Wipe up the stains immediately. Stains will slowly fade under the influence of light;
  • For daily maintenance; wipe off the table with a light damp cloth then dry the table with a dry clean cloth;
  • Treat the table regularly with oil. Apply the oil with a clean cloth and rub the table dry with a dry clean cloth;
  • Light scratches and stains can be treated by carefully sanding by hand and with the grain. Then apply oil;
  • A solid wood maintenance kit is available via your LINTELOO dealer; or you can order them online via LCK Nederland.

Solid wood finished in lacquer

  • For maintenance, wipe the table with a light damp cloth then dry the table with a dry clean cloth;
  • Do not use abrasives or luster agents;
  • Avoid placing hot or hot items on the table. This will cause stains that cannot be removed. If possible the table should be sanded and fitted with a new top layer. In this case, please contact your LINTELOO dealer.

Wood veneer

  • For maintenance, wipe the table with a light damp cloth then dry the table with a dry clean cloth;
  • Do not use abrasives or luster agents;
  • Avoid placing hot or hot items on the table. This will cause stains that cannot be removed.


Linteloo has some furniture in the collection with a marble top.

  • An acid stain (lemon juice, wine or vinegar) will eat into the marble and will turn matt. Clean the stain with a light damp cloth immediately;
  • To protect the naturally beauty of the stone from contamination and to maintain its appearance, we recommend that you maintain the marble regularly with a marble impregnation agent. This is available from your LINTELOO dealer.


All LINTELOO sofas and chairs are backedby a 10 year warranty on the body with no depreciation. The cushioning, fabric and all other LINTELOO products are backed by a three year warranty with a depreciation of 1/3 a year. Please preserve your invoice or receipt carefully. Excluded from the warranty conditions are:

  • Regular wear and tear, damages and discoloration of the furniture fabric and/or leather;
  • Deformations of pleats, colour- and structure differences and other natural irregularities which are part of the natural characteristics of the fabric, leather or wood;
  • Unexpected outcomes of fabrics and/or leathers which are not part of the standard LINTELOO collection (com or Leather);
  • Damages caused by improper use, inadequate or incorrect maintenance, or repairs performed outside of the responsibility of LINTELOO. LINTELOO wields the conditions of the Centrale Bond van Meubelfabrikanten. These conditions can be found on

Should there arise any questions, please feel free to contact your dealer or the LINTELOO customer service.

We wish you great pleasure with the purchase of your LINTELOO product.

NIELS ROKS (Managing Director),
on behalf of the LINTELOO team


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