News The Hexagon and Kigi table by Roderick Vos

Hexagon Table

Thanks to its shape, the HEXAGON cast terrazzo table by Roderick Vos can be used in playful combinations, enabling you to create more space. Place just one element next to your sofa or connect a few in the middle of the room and create a new object.

The HEXAGON is made of terrazzo, a material used as far back as the Renaissance, when people crushed waste marble and used it to cast floors. “Since childhood, I’ve been fascinated by this material because of the variety and brightness of the colours and the texture of the natural stone,” explains Vos. “Concrete is a very versatile and durable material for replicating natural stone that’s been used industrially for more than a century. The wet cast method of production is simple: a fluid mix is poured into moulds and allowed to harden. Even complex and intricate designed shapes can be moulded. After the material hardens, you grind and polish the tabletop, and all kinds of colours appear because of the embedded marble and glass. That’s how the HEXAGON table was born.

The KIGI Tables by Roderick Vos

For LINTELOO he designed a collection of 3 round oak side tables in different sizes and heights. The collection is called KIGI, which refers to ‘a family of trees’, and is strongly influenced by a Japanese style characterized by its minimalistic forms, clean lines and simple shapes.

The KIGI series consist of 3 archetypical shapes, but because each piece of oak wood is different in substance, the final result of the products is never identical. “The shape flows effortlessly from the inside to the outside. That’s the beauty of handcrafted woodwork made on a woodturning lathe. The KIGI tables evoke a sense of wonder for the beauty of wood,” explains Vos. “KIGI fits my personal philosophy: Only accept things in your home that you think are useful and believe to be beautiful.“

“Wood has always been an intriguing material for me personally, but I especially love the art of woodturning. In this technical process, that I came across during my studies at Art School, I discovered the beauty of this material,” Roderick Vos

The Hexagon and Kigi table by Roderick Vos