News DUNE: bar stool and table

DUNE: bar stool and table


Design: Roderick Vos, 2017

“The shape of the wooden stool for Dutch brand Linteloo almost looks like a tractor seat, which has something old fashioned and genuine at the same time. I wanted to create something that sat between a saddle and a stool. A bar stool is a real artefact from our culture and people spend quite some time sitting in it. So why not make it comfortable? Its elementary form consists of just three legs and a circular round wooden seat shaped like a man’s bottom. The shape and colour of the oak “saddle” reminded me of a sand dune, so that’s where the name came from. The stool and complementary wooden standing tables are completely made from oak wood.

The DUNE bar stool reminds me of something that could have been designed in the 50s; yet at the same time it looks fresh, modern and timeless“.

Roderick Vos

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