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Mirjam Boon

When Mirjam Boon (1960) graduated from the St Joost Art Academy in Breda, she established herself as an autonomous artist before joining VormVast and Kontrast as an interior designer.

Mirjam decided to branch out on her own, with an all white interior textiles collection-cum-webshop: Heel WIT (= very white). But when the renowned Dutch design brand MOOOI asked Mirjam to transform their showroom in Amsterdam to a profitable brand store, she could not resist the challenge. Having successfully complete the job, she went on to join equally renowned design studio Piet Boon as a Client Director Private Residence, guiding the creative design process of interior design projects around the world through to their impressive end results.

Mirjam’s creative juices kept flowing and in 2019 she joined Carpetlinq as a concept designer. It is in this capacity that Linteloo started cooperating with Mirjam, in developing a daring, evocative capsule collection.

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