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Klaas Kuiken

Klaas Kuiken (1984) may be an alumnus of ArtEZ School of Arts in Arnhem, when you see him at work in his workshop, it conjures up memories of old skool alchemists, of inventors who delve deep into the mysteries of a material’s properties, turning the world-aswe- now-it upside down. Or, in the case of his designs for Linteloo, inside out.

Klaas is fascinated by how things are made, especially when mass-produced. He challenges the influence of mass production on the identity of products, by looking for flaws in the end result and subsequently celebrating those flaws. He enjoys looking below the surface and taking us with him on this journey of discovery.

At Linteloo, we thoroughly appreciate Klaas’ truly personal and individual way of approaching the world of design.

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