Miles Dewey Davis III was the epitome of ‘cool’. Over the course of his
five-decade career, this influential musician remained at the forefront of
jazz: always fresh, always stylish, always stripping back unnecessary
embellishments. Who better to inspire this elegant, pared-down ‘Miles’ series
by Danish designer Niels Bendtsen? The armchair and matching footstool find
the perfect accompaniment in the various sleek tables.

Niels Bendtsen

‘Quality is a funny concept. We tend to think of it as being associated with handcraft. But quality is also about your attitude to design’, according to Danish-born and Canadian-bred designer Niels Bendtsen. At the tender young age of just 20, he opened his first retail store, Danet Interiors, and in 1981 founded Bensen, Niels’ own manufacturing line, creating high-quality furniture that is both elegant and affordable. Bendtsen strives to design pieces that are intelligent: a harmony of design, manufacturing, and function that can and will adapt because of its timeless appeal. This is precisely why his long-standing relationship with Linteloo has been such a success. ‘Linteloo embodies the cosy and joyful lifestyle of Jan and his partner Lars. Their furniture gives everyone a chance to experience their vision. With that thought in mind, I design pieces for their home, which means they are for everyone’s home. I am pushing the boundaries to combine the strong lines I love so much with the utmost comfort.’