Dinner was great, dessert came and went, and now it is time to put the world
to rights. Immediately—and unconsciously—people will want to slide their
chair back, turn their body at a slight angle, and try and rest their arm on the
chair back. Dining chair (and bench) ‘DWI’ allows you to do just that. Its low,
padded back is perfect for adopting that relaxed seating position, that comes
so naturally to all of us. And why not use ‘DWI’ in a meeting room? It will do
wonders for the atmosphere.

Henk Vos

Henk Vos’ design motto? ‘Better empty than ugly.’ His furniture designs are as outspoken, honest and straightforward as you would expect from a man whose roots are well-established in the heavy clay of Groningen, the Netherlands’ most northern province. When Henk’s father, Wiebe Vos, suddenly died in 1963, 23-year old Henk—a graduate of the Rotterdam Academy of Art—took over the furniture factory that had been in the family for generations. With his young and adventurous spirit, he turned it into a leading interior design emporium: Vos Interieur. The Vos family ties remain strong: in 1996, Henk’s son Bart Vos designed the company’s ground-breaking new concept store, ‘Maupertuus’. And Henk’s other son, Roderick, also followed in Dad’s designer footsteps. Some of Henk’s designs for Linteloo date back longer than we care to remember, but their timeless quality has turned them into icons of good design.