Just in case you didn’t know, Brooklyn—one of the five New York boroughs— was named after the Dutch town of Breukelen. In fact, even today, Brooklyn’s official motto, displayed on its flag, is ‘Eendraght Maeckt Maght’. That is Dutch for ‘unity makes strength’, which is exactly the motto of designer Jan te Lintelo. The ‘Brooklyn’ armchair—comfy, cosy and the perfect addition to any interior.

Jan te Lintelo

Jan te Lintelo was born on January 6th 1954 into a family of furniture retailers in Haaksbergen in the eastern part of The Netherlands. Growing up Jan was surrounded by the beautiful furniture from his parents shop, this meant he gained an understanding on the skills and great craftsmanship ofartisans and architects from an early age. Jan studied furniture manufacturing at the HMC in Rotterdam specialising in craftsmanship and creativity but also the entrepreneurship of the trade and worked in sales for Dutch cabinetmaker Pastoe and the famous upholstery factory Gelderland. In 1994 he decided to start his own company and create his own collection of furniture. Using his experience in manufacturing combined with the feedback and wishes from his clients he designed the first collection himself, fast becoming one of the most successful modern furniture collections. His modern designs are characterized by great craftsmanship with generous proportions with comfort and style as essential qualities.