It looks so simple and its design inspiration—a garden chair cushion–was so
modest. But this ‘Bombé folding screen—or, if you prefer, room divider—by
Steven Visser and Vera Meijwaard is an exercise in detailed perfection. You
only need to look at those wooden hinges to understand the thought that
went into the design and manufacture. Padded and upholstered, Bombé oozes
luxury whilst being utterly practical: easy to move, ideal for hiding-whatneeds-
to-be-hidden, and the best way of defining different zones in a space.

Visser en Meijwaard

Visser & Meijwaard is the design studio of Steven Visser (1985) and Vera Meijwaard (1988) in Arnhem, The Netherlands, both of whom graduated from ArtEZ in product design. They are ambitious, talented and have an interesting way of seeing the beauty in sometimes utterly mundane objects. An immense Berlage-esque cabinet was inspired by the unassuming lines of a simple grey plastic crate. And their strikingly beautiful Bombé screen for Linteloo harks back to none-too-interesting garden chair cushions. They are able to see aesthetics where none were intended, retrieve them, enlarge them and turn them into something quite extraordinary. Visser & Meywaard’s work ranges from interior to conceptual design, and from presentation to set design. Their versatility and unique outlook is quickly gaining them international acclaim.