Hand-knotted carpets are the ‘crème de la crème’ of floor coverings. Each of
Mariëlle Brinkmann’s ‘Blush’ carpets is knotted by hand, by women in the
Atlas Mountains, where the techniques of this intricate craft have been
handed down over the centuries, from mother to daughter. As a result, each
‘Blush’ carpet is unique, with ever so slight variations. Once a ‘Blush’ carpet is
knotted, it is washed and then combed for exceptional softness.

Mariëlle Brinkmann

The daughter of a creative father, Mariëlle Brinkmann (1970) was exposed to all things beautiful from an early age. She grew up hungry to explore the world of craftsmanship, both literally and figuratively speaking. During one of her many trips of discovery, she visited London’s Leighton House, the culmination of one man’s vision and the epitome of the Aesthetic Movement. A lightbulb went on in Mariëlle’s mind and ever since, she has been travelling the world, collaborating with local craftspeople who bring her textile designs to life. In 2016, Mariëlle founded her own brand, M&Otto Design, designing amazing pillows and rugs collections with more than a touch of ‘nomadic chic’ yet very much at home in the world of modern architecture and design. The fact that she also collaborates with Linteloo is something both parties are extremely proud of.