Blush rug

The Blush carpet is hand-knotted by women in the Altlas Mountains, with a technique that has been passed on from mother
to daughter for centuries. The 100% wool carpet is combed during washing, making it exceptionally soft to the touch.
Although this carpet can be made in series, knots remain manual work. This makes every model unique and the individual
carpets are never completely identical.

Marcel Wolterinck

Marcel Wolterinck opened his shop in Laren (NL) in 1986. His unique creations with a clear signature did not go unnoticed in the Netherlands and Overseas. His goal aiming for perfection resulted in a healthy track-record of unique and special interiors combined with his own furniture line and various books. The Wolterinck brand consists of 3 very successful business units: Interior, Garden Architecture and Product Design. Marcel Wolterinck is inspired by nature; “The philosophy in all of my work is that outside and inside grow together and towards each other. Overlapping and where possible the lines of the garden architecture connect with the interior.”