The Dune bartable; the perfect companion for the Dune barstool. Both are completely made from oak wood. Desgined by Roderick Vos. The shape of the wooden stool almost looks like a tractor seat. It has something old fashioned and genuine at the same time. A bar stool is a real artifact from our culture and people spend quite some time sitting on it.

Roderick Vos

Dutch designer Roderick Vos (1965) graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 1990. With his wife Claire, he ran a design and manufacturing company on the Indonesian island of Java. In 2004, they started their own design office and store in Den Bosch, in the South of the Netherlands. Roderick Vos has been designing for LINTELOO from the beginning, his unconstrained creativity is clearly appreciated by Jan te Linteloo.  ‘LINTELOO furniture has a recognisable global identity. The brand is all about comfort and making our interiors more livable. In my work, I always follow my instinct, not interior trends. That’s something Jan and I definitely have in common. We focus on beauty.’