Imagine a cloud, plucked from the sky by an innocent child that just would not
let it go and kept the cloud with him forever, encased in golden rings. ‘Alto’ is
an extremely pure and chic lamp, which is in fact constructed of four separate
glass pieces—on top of a smooth marble base—, stacked to look like one.
The craftsmanship and precision required from the glassblower in achieving
this silhouette is mind-boggling.

Dan Yeffet

Dan Yeffet lives by his motto: ‘Definitions are our limits’. No wonder that Dan’s work spans the entire gamut of design. Whether it is in furniture or lighting, in product development or conceptual design, Dan enjoys exploring—and pushing—the limits of traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology. Dan was born in 1971, in Jerusalem, where he studied at Bezalel Academy before he moved to Amsterdam, graduating from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy with a BA in industrial and product design. He then set up his own studio, which he moved to Paris in 2005. His design aesthetic is simple and strong, with an innovative use of high-end materials and an amazing eye for perfection: a perfect match with Linteloo.