The modern design of these coffee tables in combination with the modular sofa, designed by Linteloo Lab, enables you to make multiple compositions. This model refers to the cosmopolitan lifestyle that can be experienced in hotels and restaurants around Madison Square Park in New York.


Joeny’s Cubo Light was designed to spread pleasant light while remaining an aesthetically beautiful object. Hand-blown in The Netherlands, using glass especially chosen to help spread ambient lighting, it is then frozen in a de square shape mold, to create a pleasing piece when turned off.


Kiki and Joost designed the Mushroom Light. Designed as a true collaboration between partners, Joost developed the initial shape, and Kiki’s experience in textiles added the final touch. The balanced and rounded silhouette immediately made them think of mushrooms, which they forage for in their spare time.

Inside out cabinet

With Inside Out Cabinets, Klaas set out to reveal the beauty of the Medite Greenpanel material, often hidden within pieces and not shown outwardly. This inside-out take on the series of cabinets and wall shelves elevates the materials used to a central focus.


Arp armchair was inspired by the roundness of Sculpture des Silence by Hans Jean Arp. This modular sofa’s shape appears soft and harmonious. Each element can stand unaccompanied, or amongst arrangements with other pieces.

Gent chair

Gent Chair is a dining chair that offers the softness and comfort synonymous with Linteloo, while the tension at the backrest gives the chair a unique character.

Florian Lounge

The Florian Lounge Chair is produced using a singular mold and combines Sjoerd’s knowledge and love of craft with the DNA of Linteloo’s comfortable living and enjoyment of life.


Dan’s Alto Light is designed as objects of desire – chic and pure. The Alto Light is composed of different glass pieces that are separated by an elegant silhouette of wood compiling the glass domes onto a carefully crafted marble base outputting a vertical light cloud.


The Balanced Side Tables are full of contradictions: warm and cold, thick and thin, flat and curved, and were made using zebrano wool, brass, and opaque black glass.


The Andy armchair by Jan des Bouvrie is made with a minimal use of elements, being the seat, arm and back cushions and the optional ottoman for a comfortable soft way of seating. Choose the number of seats, add the armrests and backs to create the perfect size. The design and comfort is our contemporary and generous version of the … Read More