Thanks to the surprising asymmetry and perfect proportions the table is a real piece of art. Its variety of visual directions enables the functional to design to fit almost any room. The beauty of the table is emphasized by the use smoked oak.

Glow Cushions

M&Otto’s luxurious hand felted felt pillows bring you traditional craftsmanship suited to today’s tastes. Nepal has a proud history of original art and craft, including felt making. Originally intended for heavy winter coats, hats and rugs, felted sheep’s wool is now also used for decoration. Each unique piece in M&Otto’s fair trade Nepal collection is the ultimate in luxury, designed to spruce … Read More

Blush rug

The Blush carpet is hand-knotted by women in the Altlas Mountains, with a technique that has been passed on from mother to daughter for centuries. The 100% wool carpet is combed during washing, making it exceptionally soft to the touch. Although this carpet can be made in series, knots remain manual work. This makes every model unique and the individual … Read More


The modern design of these coffee tables in combination with the modular sofa, designed by Linteloo Lab, enables you to make multiple compositions. This model refers to the cosmopolitan lifestyle that can be experienced in hotels and restaurants around Madison Square Park in New York.


Joeny’s Cubo Light was designed to spread pleasant light while remaining an aesthetically beautiful object. Hand-blown in The Netherlands, using glass especially chosen to help spread ambient lighting, it is then frozen in a de square shape mold, to create a pleasing piece when turned off.