News Linteloo in EH&I: The Class of 2015

The Class of 2015

Hosts Piet Boon and Jan te Linteloo recieve old and new masters in their showroom at the Via Tortona.



Via Tortona 37
Italian sausages spell the name of Linteloo in the furniture, food and fun environment of Paola Navone and Sjoerd Vroonland. Dutch style meets mediterranean temperament

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Paola Navone at Linteloo
‘Take it Easy’ is the new series of sofas and side tables Paola Navone which premiered in Milan. Italian suasages spell the name of Linteloo in the air, a tower of Dutch cheese and grocery colorful wallpaper prove her playful improvisation talent. “I travel four hours a day: in the plane, on the street, in shops, books, in my mind and in my dreams. All the impressions I keep in a big jar, which I occasionally open. I always find something, but often something other than what I was looking for. I want to make nice things that put people at ease. It is important for me to mix simplicity, quality and chance. ”

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Linteloo in EH&I: The Class of 2015