News Marcel Wolterinck: Arenzano, Giaveno, Fossano & Azzano

Marcel Wolterinck: Arenzano, Giaveno, Fossano & Azzano

Designer Marcel Wolterinck will bring a fully new collection furniture, all designed in high quality eucalyptus wood and warm colors like anthracite, taupe, warm off white and camel of which the line structure of the veneer fits perfectly into the overall design. The collection including the Arrenzano, the Giaveno, the Fossano and the Azzano, will be presented for the first time in Milan this year.

The Arenzano is a collection of three cabinets, one vertical with seven drawers and two console like constructions existing of one layer and one with a double layer. The Giaveno is a bold dining table of single veneer and the Fossano is a new sofa of warm cotton velour and a metal frame in which the fine details of the eucalyptus wood reflects. The Azzano finally is a fauteuil on a rotatable base. The design is based on a successful piece of the Verden collection.


Marcel Wolterinck

The professional team of Wolterinck’s product design develops and designs collections for well-established brands. The team has a great passion for detail, design and unique materials. The collection By Wolterinck includes furniture, fireplaces, lighting, carpeting/rugs and window dressings, as well as items such as doors and door handles. By Wolterinck represents a functional design with a luxurious look and feel.

Wolterinck has worked its magic on interiors, exteriors, patios, gardens and events throughout the world. The purity of the materials is what sets Wolterinck apart from the rest. Sober, earthy colours promote calmness and natural rhythm, and the designs radiate luxury and symmetry. The Wolterinck team, consisting of over 20 experienced professionals, guarantees unique creations and solutions every time.

Marcel Wolterinck: Arenzano, Giaveno, Fossano & Azzano