Plaza Hotel


An even more spacious seating system than Plaza, with extra cushions and additional modular elements. Calls for a high- ceilinged, lobby-like environment, so that it can be appreciated and utilized to the full. Available in different sizes in both fabric or leather upholstery, with legs in nickel or bronze.

Niels Bendtsen

Designer Niels Bendtsen was born in Denmark and later emigrated to Canada. In 1981, he started his own design and manufacturing company, Bensen, in Vancouver. He has been designing furniture for LINTELOO for many years now: ‘LINTELOO embodies the cosy and joyful lifestyle of Jan and his partner Lars. LINTELOO furniture gives everyone a chance to experience their vision. LINTELOO is not a local brand, it is a global brand. With that thought in mind, I design pieces for their home, for everyone’s home. I am pushing the boundaries to combine the strong lines I love so much with the utmost comfort.’