Heritage JAN & FRIENDS: Casper Vissers

Casper Vissers

Together with well known Dutch designer Marcel Wanders, Casper Vissers launched Moooi in 2001. A career in design was a leftfield move for Vissers, who once worked as a sales manager for a lumber company. While visiting London’s 100% Design show in the late 1990s, he met Tom Dixon, who hired him as his representative in The Netherlands. Not long after, Wanders contacted Vissers with an offer to work together. Over the years, Moooi, with Wanders acting as Art Director and Vissers as CEO, has expanded its horizons at rapid pace. ‘I know Jan as a competitor, who turns out not to be a competitor, in the furniture sector. We both run a strong design brand. We share, partly, the same clients. We have helped and supported each other for many years. That says a lot about Jan. He is open, knows no fear and we share information you usually wouldn’t

Our relationship continued to develop on this basis, exchanging wonderful conversations about their new house in Cape Town, common friends and acquaintances, and so forth. Lars was not in the picture in the early days, but now we have every reason to take time to celebrate our friendship on occasions like the dinner my wife Louise and I had with them a few weeks ago here in New York. We hope to spend many good times together in the years to come.

We both give and take. I have gotten to know Jan on a professional level, but our relationship has also grown into a very close and fantastic friendship. We share our love for Cape Town and our love for interiors. Linteloo is also about Lars. Both professionaly and personally Lars is the weight on the rope that keeps the clock ticking. Both gentlemen are hugely important to me and are high on my list of meaningful friendships.’


‘Congratulations to both of them for building up such a wonderful business, and with so many friends. Happy, happy, happy!’

JorritJAN & FRIENDS: Casper Vissers