News The Butcher Collection by Sjoerd Vroonland

The Butcher Collection by Sjoerd Vroonland

Dutch designer Sjoerd Vroonland has translated LINTELOO’s feelgood factor and passion for food into the Butcher collection. “Think of an artisan baker, or the butchers of the past,” he says. “They were real craftsmen who made high-quality products with lots of love and attention.

I’ve brought the same passion and attention to detail to the Butcher collection for LINTELOO as these butchers and bakers. Also the details of their high-quality tools as a baking tray or a chopping block inspired me.”

In this collection, Vroonland combines the bold character of the chopping block with a keen eye for detail and smoothly finished edges. The collection consists of the Butcher Table, Butcher Stool and Butcher Bench. The dining table, the central piece, is made from crosscut material from the ends of wooden planks. The three-metre table is very hard and can even be used as a chopping board – and yet it has a beautifully finished design that makes it excellent for dining with friends.


“A special detail is that the table is built out of two parts with a small space in between, where you can stick your chef’s knives or the wires of your electronic devices,” Vroonland says. Craftsmanship meets the future in this collection that helps you to eat, play and enjoy.

Sjoerd Vroonland

The collection of design label Vroonland is reminiscent of authentic design treasures – it reflects both what they used to be and what they still are today. The innovative designs are inspired by classic compositions from design history and are created using the materials, techniques and forms that we all know. From the archetypal saddle to the antique clothespin, Vroonland uses the best features of time-honoured design and finds new ways to apply them.

The strength of the products from Vroonland lies in the encounter between materials. Between framework and lampshade, between table and leg, the materials are uncompromised and the line of work can be clearly seen. Instead of hiding all the technical detailing, the designer focuses on the beauty of structure. The result is as sober as it is poetic and makes the furniture even more engaging.

In 2010 Sjoerd Vroonland and Arjan Vaandrager started/ founded their design label after their study in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Sjoerd graduated at ArtEZ Academy where he specialised in product design, while Arjan practiced his skills in technology and product development in Gent at HoGent Nature & Technology. Both their visions and knowledge in creativity and technology led them to create fresh and contemporary designs.

In 2014 the design duo decided that Sjoerd would continue their vision on his own under the name Vroonland. In his new studio in Amsterdam he works on the success stories of his label as well as new designs and interesting projects and collaborations worldwide.

The Butcher Collection by Sjoerd Vroonland